Technologies of pliers

What is Induction Hardening?

Induction Harden

Induction hardening is a method of quickly and selectively hardening the surface of a metal part. A copper coil carrying a significant level of alternating current is placed near (not touching) the part. Heat is generated at, and near the surface by eddy current and hysteresis losses. Quench, usually water-based with an addition such as a …

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A special procedure for the manufacture of pliers

A special procedure for the manufacture of pliers

Cutting Cutting material is the first operation in the technological procedure of wrench manufacturing. Optimum design of a cut provides optimal use of material. 2. Forging Forging technology at CHISEN ensures excellent strength characteristics of wrenches. Notably, it maintains appropriate fiber orientation in a forged part, leaving it uninterrupted and the same as in a …

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Which is better for Pliers?

Diagonal Cutting Pliers Cut Wire

WHICH IS BETTER FOR HAND TOOLS? Chromium-Molybdenum or Chromium-Vanadium Steel? Chromium-molybdenum (also called chrome molybdenum, chrome moly, or Cr-Mo) and chromium-vanadium (also called chrome vanadium or Cr-V) are names for two families of steel alloys used in hand tool manufacturing. Which one is better? When properly manufactured and heat treated, they are chemically almost identical …

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What Additional Features Can Combination Pliers Have?

Functions of Multi-use Linesman's Pliers

As well as coming being available in different sizes, combination pliers can have added features to make them more versatile, or more effective at certain jobs. Some combination pliers include more than one of these added features. Also, many multi-tools will include a pair of combination pliers along with their other implements. Thumb Stops Many combination pliers include thumb stops on the handles. …

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Definition of pliers

Workman or electrician repairing an electrical cable with a pair of pliers to restore supply to the house, close up view of his hands in blue overalls on grey with copyspace

 a small pincers for holding small objects or for bending and cutting wire. Pliers are a multi-purpose hand tool with opposing jaws for gripping, bending and cutting. The two cross metal limbs provide tough leverage for multiplying the strength of the user’s hand. Pliers are an essential part of every toolbox, as they have multiple …

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