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You Should Own Locking Pliers

Locking Pliers repair Motorcycle

Locking pliers, commonly called by the brand name Vise-Grips, are, well, basically what both names suggest: they’re pliers, whose jaws lock around an object, providing a vise-like grip. Practically, they’re typically used in two fashions:  To provide a non-slip hold on hardware, arms, rods, or objects, and used as a level for turning or bending an […]

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How to Use Locking Pliers

How to use locking pliers

HAIAN® manufactures the widest and most modern range of locking pliers & clamps worldwide. Continually producing top quality and innovative tools to meet the growing demand of Welding, Metal Work, Maintenance, Pipe, Auto Mechanics, Auto Body, DIY, Woodworking, Retail and Multi-use. The locking pliers comprises a first handle connected to a first jaw. A second

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