German Type End Cutting Pliers Nippers

Drop forged, entirely hardened and tempered

Blades are finely beveled and induction-hardened to HRC 60-63 to produce a refined semi-flush cut

Induction hardened blades make them extremely durable and able to cut tougher materials

Wide, flat handles with slim, nonslip grips provide comfortable fingertip control

Heavy duty double – component, ergonomic grip handles.

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German Type End Cutting Pliers
German Type End Cutting Pliers

Item No.: HA2101016
Size: 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″
Material: Carbon Steel, Chromium-van
Surface Finishing: Fine Polished, Blacked, Chrome Plated, Nickel Plated, Peal Nickel Plated, Blacked Nickel Plated, etc.

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dium Steel


German Type End Cutting Pliers
German Type End Cutting Pliers

With broad, round profile jaws and relatively long handles, these end cutting pliers snip off old nails and screws, trim wires, and pull out staples.

Machining the blades to an optimized 90-degree angle allows them to be strong yet sharp, producing a satisfyingly smooth, clean cut that requires minimal effort.

End Cutting Pliers Blades
End Cutting Pliers Blades

After the full pliers have been heat treated, a secondary induction-heating process hardens just the blades to 58-64 HRC, making them extremely durable and able to cut tougher materials.

knife to knife iconKNIFE-TO-KNIFE

Comprised of two opposing blades that meet in the center, it is an extremely reliable cutting method, especially for harder wires. For a clean, low-effort cut, it requires a high level of manufacturing expertise to produce the near perfect alignment of the blades. When this cannot be consistently achieved, some manufacturers may turn to a less effective knife-and-anvil design (one knife blade, one blunted blade) that doesn’t require such precise alignment.

End Cutting Pliers Flush Rivet
End Cutting Pliers Flush Rivet

Unlimited Cutting Depth

The jaws overhang each side of the body creating the bypass clearance to cut off long nails or wires. The rivet is polished flush on both sides of the pliers, ensuring it won’t be an obstacle.

End Cutting Pliers Prying
End Cutting Pliers Prying

High-Leverage Prying Action

The round nose profile provides a rocking prying action that creates easy, controlled leverage for pulling out staples or nails.

Cutting Capacities

Cutting Capacities
Cutting Capacities
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5", 6", 8", 10"


120MM, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm


C1045 Carbon Steel, C1055 Carbon Steel, 1065 Cr-V Steel, Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment:

Fine Polished, Nickel Plated, Pearl Nickel Plated, Black Nickel Plated, Phosphating Blacked, Zinc Plated, PTFE Coating


PVC Insulated Handles, TPR Insulated Handles, PVC Dipped Handles, Ergonomic grip handles


Blister Card, Double Blister, Plastic Hanger, PP Printing Hanger, Paper Hanger

Inner Box:

Corrugated Inner Box, Color Printing Inner Box


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