FIDORA Combination Pliers

FIDORA Pliers are ready to ship FIDORA is a Iranian tool brand, known for power tools in the market. FIDORA begin to develop hand tools this year, and our factory became its professional pliers supplier in China. SEACOAST provide preminum quality pliers with exquisite packaging to FIDORA, as same as their power tools. Each pair …

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What is Long Nose Pliers?

American Type Long Nose Pliers Pull Fish Tape

The long nose pliers are a tool that is useful to electricians, engineers, artisans, and other field individuals in holding and cutting materials especially in areas where it’s difficult to do so with bare hands such as narrow ends. The tool’s unique feature of having a long nose makes it more usable and easy to …

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How to Use Locking Pliers

How to use locking pliers

HAIAN® manufactures the widest and most modern range of locking pliers & clamps worldwide. Continually producing top quality and innovative tools to meet the growing demand of Welding, Metal Work, Maintenance, Pipe, Auto Mechanics, Auto Body, DIY, Woodworking, Retail and Multi-use. The locking pliers comprises a first handle connected to a first jaw. A second …

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What is Carpenters Pincers?

Parts of Carpenters Pincers

There are various types of pliers available for specific functions. The pliers that are used in woodworking project are called carpenters pliers. Actually, it is known as carpenters pincers. It is one kind common and basic hand tools for carpenters. They use it to pull out nail or to hold wide range of object firmly. …

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The city of Zhangjiagang

Husutong Bridge

Our factory located in the city of Zhangjiagang. Let’s to learn some information about Zhangjiagang. Zhangjiagang was a small rural town until the economic reforms of the mid 1980’s brought industry and business to the area. Since, it has developed into prosperous city famous for its large parks, clean and well maintained streets and friendly …

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A special procedure for the manufacture of pliers

A special procedure for the manufacture of pliers

Cutting Cutting material is the first operation in the technological procedure of wrench manufacturing. Optimum design of a cut provides optimal use of material. 2. Forging Forging technology at CHISEN ensures excellent strength characteristics of wrenches. Notably, it maintains appropriate fiber orientation in a forged part, leaving it uninterrupted and the same as in a …

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